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We know the power, art and science of authentic storytelling to leverage brands and maximize marketing campaigns. Explore our case study of a successful Core Story» Your audience demands authentic stories. We help unpack, uncover and design stories and story worlds for organizations to thrive. We designed The Game of Brand Archetypes» to help augment and kickstart this conversation. Together, we can create custom tools that will complement the best aspects of your brand story. We can create campaign artwork that is modular for handoff to your in-house team. Check out our strategic approach in this portfolio piece»

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Recent Work Samples

Great design sells great design.


Recent Work Samples

Great design sells great design.

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Meet Our People

We have senior marketing professionals who will roll up their sleeves and get to work with you. Foremost, we are expert collaborators and partners with our clients. The word partner is everywhere but it is at the heart of how we work. We know that to be your partner means building a trusted relationship that has to be earned. We treat your business as we do our own——putting customers first. For you, this means that we will be there along side your team, looking for ways to accelerate the achievement of your goals.

Jeff Selin

Chief Storyteller

Jeff has helped businesses craft stories since 1995. He has expertise with brand, creative strategy, management and communications. His career portfolio includes agency work with 15 of the Fortune 500. He is also founder of Writers’ Dojo, a center for literary artists.

Rachel Falk

Owner, Director of Client Services

As co-founder of Dojo Agency, Rachel has held numerous roles since 2007 from conception through development. Rachel’s key function is to ensure clients remain long-time loyal fans. She has extensive sales in B2C industries and currently advises on Dojo operations and finances. Rachel is also a career counselor and business coach helping individuals and entrepreneurs in achieving their career and personal goals.

Lori Doyle

Executive Strategist

Lori has 25+ years in strategic brand management, sales and marketing strategies, and change management programs to build new brands, acquire new customers and achieve market leadership. Her roles range from CMO to Director, with companies like AT&T, Avaya, Unisys and Xchanging.

    Jeff Brock

    Senior Programmer

    With 17 years’ Web experience, Jeff applies a wide range of technical and creative expertise. Jeff leads monthly maintenance on numerous sites. He offers hands-on services in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS & WordPress, and empowers clients with tools & training.

    Dave Jarecki

    Chief Copywriter

    Dave Jarecki’s writing has supported the storytelling efforts of businesses and organizations since 2000. He facilitates youth and adult writing workshops throughout Oregon.

    Leif Zimmerman

    Code Ninja

    Bringing ideas to life is Leif’s specialty. Leif combines his technical and creative expertise to create cutting edge web experiences through his knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and much more.

    Chris Purdin

    Illustrator and Animator

    Chris has worked as an animator, designer and storyboard artist since 1998 for such clients as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Laika, and many others. He also pursues a parallel career in illustration.

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