Storyboard That Brand Campaign

Storyboards like the samples below inform every aspect of production. Our artists help ensure clients understand each step of a script during the pre-production and approval processes.

Storyboard Is a Verb

While step-by-step explanations are a welcome and necessary tool, it’s not required to share more than simple marker sketches and highlights for important key frames. However, in the hands of our illustrators, to “storyboard it” is a verb and an artistic process. The process will help establish how imagery and audio will work together. With each approval, we establish needed guidelines and determine visuals. It portrays casting, the landscape and setting, the pace of the action, and the mood based on camera movements, as well as direction and composition.

We approach each board as part of the pre-production process. First, the writer creates the video production script, and then we use moodboards to explore the approved script, which we then illustrate. Generally, a new frame is added to the board to represent each change in camera angle. In the final version, the approved audio lines appear below each segment, as well as notes for production and creative direction.

When resources allow, we take time to “ink” our pen sketch boards. Our experience is that everyone enjoys a beautiful rendering, for direction, for approvals and presentations, and even for a handsome artifact when production is completed.

Storyboard Sample
Storyboard Sample
Character illustration Storyboards