Logo Design & Brand Identity

Logo design and brand identities like the samples below help guide organizations at an exciting, crucial moment. We love to work with principals and marketing teams to create or to refresh brand identity elements. The art of visual identity may include icons, avatars, logotypes, fonts, colors, elements, animations and textures. Often this is one step in the development of more extensive guidelines and brand book. We also help determine tagline, voice, and style.

Logo and Identity Make a Promise

An organization’s brand identity makes a promise. The logo is perhaps the best representation of this promise. We want to offer a sense of hope by virtue of the brand. The identity process begins with strategy, to understand this sense of hope. We must understand the audience, the positioning statement of the brand or offering, and the emotional drivers that will propel audiences with a sense of urgency toward the offer.

For building identities, we have a method, to provide steps to move through the creative process. This work is fulfilling for the creative team and our clients, as it’s often personal, thought-consuming experience for principals. Together we search for an authentic core story that will resonate with audiences.

Logo design always begins with approval of the black and white versions first. The logo must pass our tests for bold engagement, simplicity of design, conveying the intent. It also must pass the size test, to shrink down for business cards, and to increase for readability on signage.

Brand Identity
Brand Identity