Infographic Design for Brands

We have seen the power of infographic design in action, like the sample below, to help clarify complex information. Strong visuals with callouts can simplify processes and data sets. In this sample, we reduced Colorado HealthOP’s Annual Report into a one-page Z-fold accordion mailer that members and investors shared, discussed and saved.

Infographic Design Artists At Work

Infographic design and data visualization help to educate and to attract interest. There is plenty of evidence that supports the power of effective visuals over text. Our designers can work with you to absorb a mountain of content that we distill into a single infographic style educational system. These may be flat for print, or include motion or interactive elements for digital and for presentations.

We begin by collecting information, usually sorting through multiple presentations, documents and industry data. From this process of “look at more stuff and think about it deeper” the narrative emerges, a story worth sharing that proofs out in the data. From here we can create a hierarchy of supporting data that results in wireframes. We ensure that a single clear intention for each graphic element is properly conveyed. We collaborate closely with clients to determine the visual approach. All illustrations are custom, vector images we create specifically for your brand and the data we need to convey. We also connect with Data Viz artists that turn answers to puzzling questions into artwork.

Infographic Design