Photography Art Direction for Brands & Campaigns

Photography art direction like the samples below help illustrate the creative direction and vision needed for brand and campaign consistency. We work with photographers based on the needs and timing of the shoot. We take into account budget, industry, style, mood and the technical requirements like lens needed to achieve a certain look. The image at the top of this post was taken by Nathan Coltrane Photography based on the photo art direction for Amabilis shared below.

Photography Art Direction Improves Results

Photography art direction is required for a successful photo shoot and to produce a completed brand book. All photographers worth hiring want to understand your vision. This comes through the art direction. We work with photographers to understand every detail of a shoot. We use moodboards and storyboards for photographers because they are highly visual creative thinkers.

Dojo can work with your photographers or make suggestions. Our collaborative photographers are light artists with phenomenal attention to detail. To have a successful shoot requires planning for the right story, the correct location, perfect lighting and focal points, the ideal models with makeup, wardrobe and props. Big photoshoots and challenging locations are fun to work on. We can also achieve greatness with the right vision and a handheld during sweet light, as was also the case with Nathan Coltrane’s sample above.

Photography art Direction