Brand Books & Sharable Guidelines

The Brand Book, like the sample below, is an excellent vehicle to formalize standards for consistency and to convey all the necessary marketing information to partners. The Brand Book should feel like a keepsake. The vehicle itself should smartly reflect the brand’s attributes. Inside, it includes all the necessary rules, usage, style guidelines specific to your brand, for logo, fonts, colors, voice, photography, art, digital, video, print, outdoor, audio, as well as important brand messaging to ensure all internal teams and partners have clear direction.

Your Brand Book Is a Bible

Below are some pages from an example of one Brand Book where we also created all the brand elements within the book, helping leverage assets for use across all marketing channels. The Oregon’s Health CO-OP Brand Book, version April 26, 2013, is 56 pages of core content to share with marketing partners. The Dojo’s mission was to create the brand experience, look and feel for use with all external facing mediums that engaged target audiences. We hoped to simplify insurance and differentiate the CO-OP. It needed to be distinctive while reflecting core values as a nonprofit health insurance plan started by the Affordable Care Act. We delivered smartly thanks to our character illustration set of the Health Buds. The Brand Book content included: logo, photos, art, colors and Health Bud usage for print, digital, outdoor, and media, along with writing guidelines and voice box connected to health care target audiences.

Brand Manifesto Statement
Character illustration
Brand Book
Brand Book