Brand & Communications Strategy

To us, brand and communications strategy means understanding the landscape, making informed choices and focus on consistently executing inside the strategy framework. Steps for strategic development include: audit, analysis, direction, messaging and metrics. Brand and communications strategy must work seamlessly with business goals and marketing plans.

A communications strategy is only as good as your ability to execute upon it tactically. Strategies differ based on the need. We develop communications strategies for use across the marketing mix. Strategies match goals that may include: awareness, engagement, education, sales, fundraising, and retention.

Our Approach to Communications Strategy

We are relentless in our passion to be an advocate for your customers and key audiences. Everything we do is in the context of whom you are talking to and finding ways to engage them. We will always push to adopt a customer-focused external view. Our promise to you is to help you deepen your understanding of your audiences and to adopt a voice that will help them to take action.

To “uncover” is part of the Dojo method. In the strategic process, we want to simplify rather than adding layers of additional noise. Ours is a process of revelation, to uncover what is already there, to examine, polish and uphold the elements that will work. Our strategic work for branding helps to uncover:

  • Core Brand Drivers
  • Proposition Statement
  • Tagline & Voicebox
  • Core Narrative
  • Manifesto Statement
  • Campaign Architecture
  • Creative Direction
  • Messaging & Content Roadmap

We want to deliver a content roadmap. As an action plan, communications strategy determines the marketing vehicles and architects the messaging inside an editorial calendar. We can provide the daily content map. We create and connect with dashboards for social media and marketing automation feedback. When we craft authentic stories that resonate with audiences, we create trust and loyalty and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Story Development and Strategic Communications

Audiences want an authentic story. Each audience will define these words differently. For the most part, American consumers define “authentic” to mean vulnerable, and story to be a “conflict that leads to resolution.” Suddenly the brand work feels more like art than it does science. So we have created numerous tools to assist brands through this artistic process. One such tool is The Game of Brand Archetypes, which we use in brand discovery sessions to help clarify and refine strategies.

We work to uncover authentic stories for a particular audience and to compare these to the marketplace to understand if it works. We work to connect audiences with their emotional drivers. For this reason, the study of story dynamics and to understand the hero is effective for brand strategies and advertising. Story analysis provides a fantastic method for brand strategists to quickly identify the brand’s emotional drivers. Here’s a blog post on the topic. When you understand an audience’s true motivations, you can more easily convert casual observers to super fans.