Brand Manifesto Statement Inspires Change and Action

Brand Manifesto statements like the one shared below help inspire communities into action. We take great care to create a corporate manifesto statement. At the heart of the statement is the authentic truth, the reason, the white-hot urgency, that propels the mission forward. It is a call to arms; a siren for like-minded individuals to join a cause and in doing so become fulfilled as the community moves into action.

Manifesto Statements Attract Brand Evangelists

Organizations with brand manifestos are in good company. In 1919, Walter Gropius wrote his manifesto to German artisans. In doing so he founded the legendary Bauhaus school that influenced modern artists like Frank Lloyd Wright, Dieter Rams at Braun for housewares and Steve Jobs. Not surprisingly, all three of these modern legends created design manifestos to guide their organizations.

Can your brand live up to its own manifesto? Often the Manifesto is an internal call to action for employees, to help teams collaborate and to understand a new brand direction. Or it is used loudly, as we did in a series of print and radio ads for a nonprofit health insurance CO-OP. The Oregon’s Health CO-OP culture during their launch phase empowered under “Obamacare” aka the Affordable Care Act, was an ideal candidate for the community call-to-action intent of a Manifesto Statement. In this case, the Manifesto was even painted on the walls inside the offices.

Here is the :30 audio version produced for a series of radio spots.

Brand Manifesto Radio Spot


Brand Manifesto Statement