Character Illustration & Brand Storyworlds

Character illustration sets like the samples below provide powerful brand and campaign tools. With engaging story assets that can be shared in print, digital, social and video, it’s easy to see the tremendous value in developing your own character set. Imagine the ability to have the perfect custom graphics for all your channels, that cover demographics and concerns without the expense of large photo shoots or the tired look of cheap stock images. Custom illustrations are designed for each circumstance and can feel fresh even after several years.

Character Illustration Engages Audiences

At the heart of great stories, a character steps out of the mold of convention and guides us to new awareness and understanding. When you create a characterization and personification of your brand, you will help to inform and educate, and to inspire into action. With character assets, the perception of your brand’s abilities will be enhanced as believable and trustworthy, memorable and buzz-worthy, approachable and inviting, unique yet universally enjoyable across cultures, demographics and lifestyles.

We create stories with custom illustrations and characters that drive awareness and action. Often we create a community of characters that represent the audience or membership. The character sets demographics, psychographics, and situations can be a broad section of the larger community that showcases cultural competency.

Characters are designed specifically for each client with 100% of the rights granted to the client upon delivery.

We take great care to match a brand with the appropriate illustrative style. The creative process includes profile concepts, rough sketch approvals through multiple rounds, shading & textures, coloring and final art. We produce the characters and their environments as simple layered files that we can handoff to clients’ internal teams.

It’s important to have maximum flexibility with brand assets, especially with an entire story world illustrated. We can provide an illustrated character as a puppet file that can be moved and posed by graphic artists or animators. In this blog post, How to Create Amazing, Simple, Flexible Brand Assets, we share seven steps to developing character illustration sets and brand graphics.

Like the first sample below, we often provide a PSD layered file that includes backgrounds and rows of characters. The foreground contains our heroes with backstories. We provide different poses with accessories. These layered files allow internal teams to recreate numerous versions for production needs.

Character illustration Landscape 1
Character illustration Landscape 1.5
Character illustration Landscape 2
Character illustration Landscape 3
Character illustration Landscape 4
character illustration Planimals
Character illustration sample
Character illustration Storyboards
Character illustration sample
Character illustration