Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing campaigns, like the samples below, help improve ROI results for digital media spending and ensures that you leverage campaign assets. Fully integrated digital affects numerous aspects of an organization, for marketing, sales, customer service, recruitment, fulfillment and operations. We use Websites, SEO, SEM, social media, email, display, and interactive tools that we jam with relevant narrative, with messaging, masthead, imagery and videos. We build landing pages with strong stories and sharable content, to drive traffic and evolve quickly based on metrics.

Integrated Digital, When Engagement Becomes a Sale

Integrated digital marketing includes all aspects of the digital process, from User Experience Design through SEO and retention of super fans. For outreach and development that leads to sales results, we employ and integrate these three campaign strategies together:

  1. Targeting campaigns: Find super fans among targets, their office managers, and their networks. Create target list of influencers for approval. Leverage current assets, lists, connections, super fans, and media.
  2. Surround campaigns: Create key sponsorships, PR & targeted ads. Connect with influencers through their professional societies and associations. Make connections to Web sites focused for specialty areas. Gain community interest by sharing stories. Generate results with PR efforts and targeted media buys.
  3. Awareness campaigns: Communicate directly to share core messages. Personalize to show we understand the challenges of “what it is like to be you”. Emphasize thought leadership. Create tools for the sales detail team to share in target offices.

Integrated Digital Marketing Results

Below are examples of integrated campaigns we produced throughout 2012-2014. We defined Oregon’s Health CO-OP digital brand with fresh experiences and fantastic results. This includes new homepage layouts, Google Ads and associated landing pages, and Facebook campaigns and graphics.

  • Our Google Ad campaigns drove phenomenal sales results for the CO-OP. Pay-per-click Google Adwords outperformed all other vehicles once we integrated SEO, landing pages and remarketing campaigns. This included a CPA of $85 per customer.
  • On Facebook at launch, we averaged 1000 new fans per month for five months. We built the community from zero, one by one, with engaged, authentic fans. Social engagement was up 400%.